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Rainfall In Past: 15 min 1 hr 24 hrs
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2024-07-20 8:30 AM to 2024-07-21 8:30 AM:  mm

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SWD Workshop Dadar
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Total Rainfall in Mumbai Past 24 hour
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About Mumbai Rain (MESONET)


Mumbai, country's financial capital with about 12 million people, weather plays a very important role especially during south west mansoon season. As Mumbai receives an average ~230 cm in mansoon season with high spatio-temporal variability. rainfall needs to be monitored in real-time with dense network of rain gauges. This infomratin is very crucial for all stake holders mainly Disaster Management Department, Municipal Corporation for Greater Bombay(MCGM), Western and Central Railways, Road transport and many others includeing the floating population of the city and disaster management practices

Information on Mumbai Weather live apps and webportal
IITM, MoES initiated an effort to collate measurements from India Meteorological Department (IMD), SAFAR-Mumbai (IITM) and MCGM measurements into a live mobile application. This mobile app is designed to provide live location specific information on rainfall, currently at about 139 sites spread across Mumbai city, suburban areas, with Navi Mumbai region and around to citizens. Along with this the other important weather parameters like Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Winds also will be made available to Mumbaikars in their mobile phones. These parameters are dominating over entire year around with impact, being the coastal city on west coast.Further, MoES is putting efforts in augmenting more rain gauges so as to increase the network over Mumbai to get an overall picture of every locality. In addition, this app also provides radar-derived precipitation over 150 km range and latest Satellite Imagery for better understanding of the clouds around. This information will help alert people and can be used in improving preparedness.

Participating agencies :
IITM, SAFAR-Mumbai, IMD, MCGM, Central and Western Railways, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and few more agencies to join.

Contact us

MESONET high-resolution rain gauge data is freely accessible to users for research and academic purpose
The data can be provided to users on a request to the following email addresses.

IITM officials : Dr subrata Kumar Das, Email:
Data curator : Dr. Sunil Kumar Khadgarai, Email: